Datahop Multihomed Transit

Resilient Architecture

Datahop bandwidth has a highly resilient architecture in that our transit is provided from two geographically diverse Cisco cores with packet fowarding deployed in hardware at London Telehouse North and Telecity HEX89 Datacentres.
Each of these cores is supplied with diverse tier-1 transit feeds on direct accounts such that should a failure of either core occur then this is a non-service affecting event for the customer.

Customers Provisioned directly on 10G backbone

Each Datahop transit customer is provisioned on a non-aggregated 100Mbps or 1000Mbps port directly on a 10Gbps backbone switch connected to 2x10Gbps uplinks.
Many providers save costs by aggregating a single gigE port amongst up to 48 customer ports. This introduces a risk of future service-affecting issues for these customers during times where one customer sharing the aggregation switch may suddenly require larger than expected capacity.
The Datahop difference is that as there is no such contended aggregation layer, the customer cannot be adversely impacted by the usage of other customers.

24/7 telephone and ticketed support

Datahop staffs a highly technical 24/7 network operations centre (NOC) with first line support staff having router access able to immediately address over 95% of all customer queries.
A ticketed email enquiry system for non-critical ticket submission is also in place to support your service.

Full Session visibility and re-routing for best service

As Datahop transit is provisioned on-net on our own fully owned infrastructure, we have full visibility of your service end-to-end from the point of your connection to Datahop to the point of handoff.
This means you will not suffer delays in resolution with Datahop Transit as our NOC are able to re-route as needed amongst three diverse carriers with whom we have direct relationships (no reseller chain delays).

Customer focused Peering Policy

Datahop has a selective peering policy with a customer focus and a strong preference for private peering for lowest latency and highest resiliency for a latency-sensitive customer base.

Peering Agreements include large and important peers such as BT, Pipex, NTL, Telewest, Tele2, Ukerna, Retn, Swisscom, T-online France and PCCW.
Transit provision includes NTT Verio the world's largest tier 1 plus TeliaSonera regularly voted largest and highest performance European Networks/Autonomous Systems.
Datahop upstream transit connectivity excluding peering is currently 14Gbps (August 2008).

Ready for business: Customer Router investment, LIR registration and in-house expertise not required

Datahop transit can be provided to any switch or even directly connected to servers themselves.
With HSRP Virtual Gateway technology your default gateway is monitored by a geographically diverse Cisco core which can step in with heartbeat failure should the other router providing your gateway ever not be reachable.
Expensive BGP routers and the in-house expertise to run an Autonomous System is not required but two diverse bgp full transit feeds are available to those who prefer to use BGP.
There is usually no requirement to become a Local Internet Registry (LIR) to obtain IP space. If you are not an LIR or do not currently have suitable IP space for advertisement to the internet call our sales team on +44 (0)207 167 3282 or contact us by email to discuss your options.
Datahop transit is business-ready empowering today's bandwidth-hungry applications, be it Streaming, File sharing or VOIP. Datahop is the transit of choice for businesses requiring access to large quantities of high performance, low latency, cost effective transit such as industry leading open source distribution Ubuntu.
Route analysis firm Renesys ranks Datahop as currently one of the top 20 fastest growing UK ISPs, having been featured by Tier-1 research and IT week and is one of the world's largest 150 networks.

Competitive Performance

Datahop transit can be deployed in 3-11 days (depending on Datacentre cabling requirements) with minimum monthly spend of £165/month for 100Mbps backbone port ( £75/month) and 10Mbps (£90/month) with free setup and free cabling.
Protect your business from unexpected demand for service with a gigabit Ethernet port on a low 10Mbps commit available for only £100/month additional and £199 setup (copper) additional.
9 £/Mbps at 10Mbps. Larger commits by negotiation. Paid trials negotiable. All prices exclude VAT where applicable.