Tier 1 Transit

Datahop have a range of transit products to improve connectivity to most networks. For those businesses with in-house bgp expertise requiring direct connections to Tier1s, this can be supplied in any of our 15 Datacentres.

We offer the following carriers from only 25Mbps commit. We provide this session on your own private, unshared vlan. This means other customers do not affect the performance of your connection.

Datahop's direct connectivity agreements with TeliaSonera, NTT and Sprint enable businesses to connect directly to these Tier 1 carriers without intermediate routing, and at transparent low fees - eliminating the complex and costly resale agreements and negotiations often required to establish such connectivity. For high bandwidth users, Datahop's Layer 2 IP transit tariff to Tier 1 carriers is just £14 per megabit.

Telia are one of the largest Tier 1 carriers in Northern Europe, offering reliable transit with an excellent reputation.

NTT offer the largest capacity between Japan and US/Intra-Asia via their congestion-free network and fully redundant network infrastructure. This has ranked them the world's top-ranked Tier 1 IP backbone network. Here at Datahop we have negotiated excellent packages with NTT that we are able to pass on to our clients. Please contact us for further details.

Sprint is the largest Tier 1 network globally by overall customer base (Renesys June 2008) and is the network of choice for ISPs worldwide. It has a robust and carefully engineered backbone which spreads across the globe, designed to withstand outages seamlessly.