Datahop offer a simple, highly affordable tariff enabling businesses to reduce costs and - via Tier-1 connectivity - improve the reliability and speed of their services. Fixed pricing saves businesses the time and inconvenience previously required in negotiating connectivity agreements with multiple suppliers.

Datahop's 10 Gigabits/second ring network creates an ultra high-speed link that can be used for data transport between 15 of London's leading commercial data centres.
Datahop's network consists of an optical ring capable of operating at 10 Gigabits per second and runs an advanced protection system ensuring that service is unaffected by a fibre break at any point.

All Datacentres are 100% on-net with all customer connections being provisioned without use of third party active equipment therefore assuring quality of delivery.
In addition to Datahop multihomed transit deployed from two geographically diverse network cores Datahop supplies services from three Tier-1 carriers services plus both point to point and point to multipoint interlinks between its 15 London Datacentres.
All customers with ports on Datahop therefore have the ability not only to obtain services from Datahop but to extend their network for redundancy or to privately collect and deliver other services over Datahop transparently at layer 2.

"Businesses in London have been paying over the odds for poor-quality data transport and internet connectivity for too long. Datahop's dedicated interconnects to Tier-1 carriers provide access to the most reliable, cost-effective global network connectivity available in London." says Datahop founder and MD Chris Orme. "It is the first commercial network in London to offer such ultra high-speed connectivity into all of these data centres - with our two 10 Gigabit fibre links into each. We also believe our tariff, with its low flat rate fees, establishes a new standard in the UK's data transport market. We are proud to be able to make such improvements to the internet backbone in London."

Datahop is supported by a team with over 30 years of experience in ISP, computing and data centre operations. The Datahop network has been designed from the ground up to ensure the highest possible integrity for users.
All of the data centre installations are designed for high reliability with separated fibre routes in to and out of data centres, redundant power supplies and the support of a 24/7 network monitoring operation.

For more information on how your business can benefit from low latency traffic delivery and cost savings with Datahop contact us for further information

Datahop Ltd
In 2006 Datahop (privately held) scored a UK first being the first commercial network offering inter-datacentre and global connectivity in 10 London Datacentres on a 10Gbps protected ring network.
Datahop supplies services to international tier-1 providers, internet exchange members, UK service providers and enterprises throughout 15 London Datacentres supported 24/7 and is one of the UK's fastest growing internet providers.*

Minerva House, Castletown, Isle of Man. IM9 1HU
Registered number 115170C
* Source: Renesys Market Intelligence (TM) - top 20 UK growth 01/07